What is the SkyHi Referral Program & SkyHi Rewards?

Our referral program allows you to earn credits towards future flights and a discount to new members. For each new member that uses your unique referral code, you will receive $35 in credit towards your next booking fee. 

Where can I find my referral code?

Tap on the Menu icon in the SkyHi App and click on SkyHi Rewards. You will see a  xx-digit, alphanumeric code.

How does the new member apply my code to their account?

On the payment confirmation screen on the SkyHi sign-up process, they will see a box labeled "promo code". After they enter your code, hit APPLY, and complete the booking process, you both will receive a confirmation of your earned credits. 

Where can I apply my credits?

SkyHi rewards can be redeemed and used towards your flight booking fees. 

Are there limitations to how much credit someone can earn?

Nope! Earn as much as you want towards future flights. 

Do credits expire?

Members who earn credit through our referral program have one calendar year to apply their rewards towards a flight booked with SkyHi. This is based on the day the rewards are applied to your account.

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